Perfect Balance: An Advertising Law Podcast

Episode 19: A Closer Look at the Proposed Amendments to the FTC Endorsement Guides: Key Takeaways for Advertisers

June 30, 2022

With the evolving use of social media and consumer and product reviews in marketing, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has proposed significant revisions to its Endorsement Guides in its ongoing effort to provide more practical guidelines and combat deceptive practices relating to endorsements and reviews. In this episode of Perfect Balance: An Advertising Law Podcast, host Po Yi is joined by Manatt Advertising Partners Jesse Brody and Jeffrey Edelstein to discuss some of the key updates to the Endorsement Guides that the FTC has proposed, including expanded definitions of “endorser” and “endorsements” to include social tags and virtual influencers, clarification on the disclosure of material connections, and a new definition of “clear and conspicuous” relating to such disclosure, as well as a new section addressing consumer reviews.

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